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Top Employment Retention Strategies

Businesses, no matter the size are being impacted by the so-called “Great Resignation”. Long gone are the days where an employee stays with a company for their entire career. This has led to workforce trends shifting, along with a highly competitive job market. Many job seekers are searching for positions that provide a greater degree…
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Why Use A Recruiter

The hiring process can be time-consuming and if not done properly, can lead to hiring the wrong candidate. Many organizations decide to fill job vacancies on their own, instead of using a recruiter. There are various reasons for this, one being they believe it costs more to hire a recruiter, than doing it themselves. However,…
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How to Accelerate Your Hiring Process

Hiring decisions are important and typically involve multiple people and departments, which can cause delays and sometimes complications. A long hiring process is one of the top complaints I hear from job seekers. Finding new employment is stressful and can be frustrating, so as an employer, make every reasonable effort to make the hiring process…
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How to Handle Job Rejection

Job rejection is never easy! You likely did a lot of preparation for a role you thought you really wanted. How you handle the disappointing news can determine your success in the future. Although you might be disappointed, frustrated and not motivated to keep applying to jobs, it’s important to not let a job rejection…
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Salary Increase

How To Negotiate A Pay Raise

As inflation rises and cost of living continues to increase, has your salary kept pace? If not, you may need to have a conversation with your employer about a raise. This can be a scary proposition to undertake, which is why I would like to provide some tips and suggestions to help make this process…
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Alberta Mountains

New Market – Alberta

Is a new career on your horizon? Have you thought of what it would be like to live close to the mountains and be able to experience all that nature has to offer, while also pursuing a worthwhile career? 4Sight Search Solutions is excited to announce it is expanding into Alberta, where you can have…
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New Year, New Career!

When the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, a lot of people look to the new year to focus on their physical and mental health. But what about your career health? Are you happy in your current role? Are you seeking a change? It has been found that January is the best month to apply…
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How to Ace Your Virtual Job Interview

A hiring manager has contacted you and wants to schedule an interview. Initially you are eager and enthusiastic, but then you worry a little bit, as it is a virtual job interview. This reaction is normal, as remote job interviews are still relatively new, but they are becoming increasingly more common. As a job seeker,…
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Employee Retention Strategies

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Replacing an employee is extremely expensive and also time consuming, which is why employee retention should be viewed as an extension of the hiring process. This month, let’s take a look into ways to find your ideal candidate(s) and learn several strategies to keep them. Hiring the right…
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Is Working Remotely, Right for You?

Remote work is becoming more common and quite a few employers are offering these arrangements to their workers. If you are seeking employment, you might be interested to learn if working remotely is right for you. To begin, working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean a person works from home. Other settings where work is completed could…
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