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Our owner’s thoughts on racism & the Minneapolis situation

Contemplating the Minneapolis situation and feeling troubled. Disturbed by the senseless brutal murder of George Floy. Disturbed by the deteriorating climate of riots, vandalism, and violence. Disturbed by a cycle that shows no sign of abating.

Disturbed by the voices of some of my white peers, speaking with good intent, but no understanding. Speaking to defend themselves as if they have been attacked, instead of recognizing the severity of injustice before us.

I don’t have the answers. The reality is racism exists. Black people (and other races/cultures) in the human family have had to experience things that I have not had to endure. Often their voices are unheard, overlooked and suppressed. Inequality and prejudice, both blatant and subtle is still very much alive, even in Canada. Pretending otherwise is ignorance.

Bottom line… as a white person… as a whole society, we need to be better. This is not a police problem. This is a societal problem.

We need to listen without defensiveness. We need to seek to understand without layering on our perspective of privilege. We need to take systematic action on an individual and national level to ensure total equality is the norm and prejudice of all types is stamped out.

I look forward to a world where everyone regardless of colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic or identity are treated exactly the same, with respect and equality in every area of life and society, living in peace and safety.

About the Author

Nathan Porter is the Owner of 4Sight Search Solutions, based in Milton, ON, but serving the Greater Toronto Area. Using his strong management and recruitment background, he delivers service excellence and top-talent to many local companies. When he is not stirring up trouble with his competitive nature or his witty sense of humour, he enjoys community involvement, reading, sports, or playing “hop on pop” with his 2 boys.

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