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Our Story

4Sight Search Solutions was formulated in early 2015 and was officially founded in December 2017. Drawing from our owner’s experience in management and customer service for many years and in recruitment for almost a decade, our goal was/is simple… to provide an exceptional customer centric product, while making it affordable for everyone, in particular small to medium businesses (SMEs). For these, inflated recruitment fees has often put badly needed assistance and tools out of reach.

We remove this barrier, not by watering down services, but through an intense look at how we do things. Cheap is not the goal, efficiency is… systematic automation, without sacrificing critical points of human interaction… streamlined processes, without becoming so entrenched that we fail to adapt to our clients needs or changing markets… flexible pricing models, so you only pay for what is needed to source the best candidate possible.

For a detailed look at our 4 core commitments, continue on this page.
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Core Commitments

Everything that we do is centered around certain guiding lights.  These commitments guide every process we implement, every order we fill, and every interaction that we have.

Our world is changing and we are continuously adapting to ensure the products that we offer and the services that we provide consistently line up to this vision.

To operate smart to save you time and money. No waste!

We are all about efficiences. This goes to the core of our business model, from being completely paperless, to use of automation wherever and whenever possible, without removing human interaction, necessary for proper screening.

To only recruit the best to drive your business. No shortcuts.

We do not believe in rushing at the expense of quality. That does not mean that we are lethargic, because we are not, however a correct and thorough process is what our clients expect. Nothing should be left to chance.

To communicate quickly, communicate often and communicate well. No wondering.

We expect clients to be treated as we would want to be treated.  Never should you be left wondering what the status is.  Proactive communication, during both the successes and the struggles, brings clarity and trust. That is what we do.

To always value tenacity and a spirited sense of urgency. No complacency.

Securing the best takes work. It takes persistence. It takes pressing intentionally with purpose from the initial consultation through to the signing of the offer letter. Below the surface, the wheels are constantly turning to produce the result that you expect as quickly as possible.

Our Team

Nathan Porter
Managing Principal

Nathan Porter’s passion is to provide solutions that consistently deliver top-talent and service excellence for small to medium organizations (SMEs).

As a proven leader, Nathan has led several award-winning teams through his career, including one that obtained a Business of the Year award. As a public speaker, Nathan has delivered workshops on industry topics to both job seekers and organizational leaders, as well as leadership / personal development to groups of up to 300 people.

As a community supporter, Nathan has served on multiple boards and committees across the Halton Region.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

4Sight Search Solutions was a thorough, professional, and highly competent partner. Even with our niche requirements, an exceptional candidate was sourced and chosen in only 1 week. It was quick and easy, all at a very reasonable cost.

Aldrin Fernandes

AR Business Brokers Inc

Thank you for helping us with our staffing needs. Your attention to detail is impressive and I would recommend you to anybody requires help looking for valuable members to add to their team.

Gagan Gahunia

Mortgage Winners

Nathan was quick to react to our situation.  He understood exactly what we were looking for and brought us two viable candidates in a timely fashion.  Our chosen candidate has worked out extremely well in our office.  She has made the transition seamless and we had very little downtime in getting her on board.

Teresa Fujarczuk

Fedar Investments Limited

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