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Why Use A Recruiter

The hiring process can be time-consuming and if not done properly, can lead to hiring the wrong candidate. Many organizations decide to fill job vacancies on their own, instead of using a recruiter. There are various reasons for this, one being they believe it costs more to hire a recruiter, than doing it themselves. However, often employers who take this route, cast a wide net into the recruitment ocean, with unsuccessful results.  Hiring a recruiter may appear to be expensive in the short-term, but, the long-term cost savings can be substantial.

Another widely used hiring approach is for an organization to work with multiple recruitment companies to fill their open positions. This method can lead to disappointment, as there is often a lack of transparency, along with rushed and inadequate processes. It essentially waters down the process because candidates are forwarded without due diligence. The rush to be the first to submit a particular candidate can lead to problems.

When you choose to work with a single recruiter, many of the above-mentioned drawbacks are significantly reduced. A recruitment partner will help you hire the right person for the job. They seek to understand your businesses’ requirements, your target market of candidates and your competitors. On top of that, you will gain access to their knowledge of available skill sets, career development expectations, current hiring complexities, market trends in your sector and more.

Let’s go into a little bit more detail on why your organization should work with a single recruiter.

Hiring is what they do

The most significant advantage of working with a recruitment partner is this is what they do! A recruiter is ready to fill positions. They typically have a pool of qualified, experienced, pre-screened candidates who are ready to fill the position you have. Your recruitment process is faster and more qualitative. A recruiter has a reputation to maintain, so they’ll do their best to provide the top candidates.

Find exactly who you want

Hiring a recruiter allows for a business to find exactly who they want. It eases the stress and hassle of finding the person with all of the experience and qualities needed for the job.

A recruiter works on behalf of the organization to open up their talent pool with job postings across a broad range of hiring platforms, while using tools to access the job seeker who is not actively looking, including candidates with specific niche experience working with a competitor.

Knowledge of the market
When it comes to the talent in your market, a recruiter has insight as to what is going on in the job market. With knowledge of how to leverage web analytics and other tools to obtain valuable data on salary ranges and pay rates, a recruiter is able to navigate the job market and pinpoint the right people. An effective recruiter will also have a thorough understanding of your company’s culture, management, goals and everything in between.

Focus on serving the client
Recruiters operate with different pricing models.  In some situations, the client is only charged upon a successful fill. In limited cases, the client is invoiced a full retainer upfront.  In other cases still, for successful recruiters, the client is billed a minimal partial retainer before the majority of the work is performed. This shared investment or partnership ensures a thought-out and smooth search process with a focus on serving the client, not just with rushed, unqualified candidates, while incentivizing securing the best candidates in a timely manner.

Fresh set of eyes
Many organizations unintentionally develop blind-spots in terms of their recruiting and staffing. Having a recruiter’s fresh set of eyes can create opportunities to more effectively grow and stretch the team, leading to more team diversity and achievement of organizational goals.