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We have a number of successful workshops that we have delivered across the Greater Toronto Area to both Job Seekers and Employers.  These high energy, engaging and interactive sessions are intended to be informative and fun at the same time.  Be prepared for a good dose of humour. 

The venues have included: Employment Halton, Sheridan Employment Services, Peel District School Board Co-op Program, and the Milton Chamber of Commerce.

Social Media & Your Job Search
(Job Seeker Focused)

This thought provoking 2 module workshop provides the participant with tools to both brand themselves and find employment through social media.

The Art of Problem Solving & Leadership in the Workplace 
(Job Seeker Focused)

This interactive and informative session explores practical problem solving, looking beyond the surface to root cause, ensuring long-term sustainable resolution.

The Principles & Power of Effective Workplace Communication
(Job Seeker Focused)

What are the best practices for workplace communication and when facing conflict?  How can you improve these skills?  This session provides tips to be a strong/likeable communicator.

Getting It Right: Best Practices for Hiring in the 21st Century
(Employer Focused)

This workshop discusses the changing landscape of recruiting, provides both helpful and practical tips for sourcing & screening great candidates in order to make your recruitment process successful.

Sourcing, Screening, and Social Media
(Employer Focused)

Similar to the Job Seekers version, but from the employer perspective.  Thorough presentation of tricks and tips to source and/or screen candidates.


In this module, we discuss how a majority of employers are using social media to assist in screening candidates and how the participant can tailor their social media to put their best foot forward. I walk through numerous red flags from an employers perspective, but also what the person can do to distinguish themselves in a positive way.


In this module, we primarily focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but also touch on Instagram and Snapchat as well.  We walk the participants through searching for and applying to positions through these platforms, but also how to use these tools to prepare for interviews, research companies, etc.